Brea, 16.2hh ID Riding Mare

Brea, safe, sane & sensible 16.2hh 9 year old reg ID mare. New to the market Brea, a wonderful mare who embodies all the best parts of the breed. Although no world beater you would struggle to find another equally as sane, willing and safe as she is with still enough in the tank to enjoy and compete locally for fun.

Brea schools nicely on the flat, a polite, sensible, snaffle ride who stands patiently by the block to be mounted. Responsive yet not rushed with good brakes, Brea is easy to operate and happy to ride on a loose contact or come together and produce some nice work.

To jump you won't find more genuine than this mare! Again she's no world beater but she'll pop anything you point her at, isn't sharp or silly and always gives her best. Brea hacks well both alone and in company, she will go first or last, alone or in company.

Price: £4,000

Location: Essex

Contact: Withheld - T

Phone: 07384 975262

Brea, 16.2hh ID Riding Mare

Brea, 16.2hh ID Riding Mare

Brea, 16.2hh ID Riding Mare

Lola, 16hh IDx Riding Mare

  • Lola, 16hh IDx Riding Mare
  • Lola, 16hh IDx Riding Mare

Lola, safest mare on the market! A delightful 16hh rising 12 years old Irish Draught x Irish Sports Hhorse mare. Not in any way marish! In the school Lola will walk, trot and canter at the end of the buckle, 3 lovely paces. More than happy to carry a rider who is learning, not phased if you loose your balance, double bounce or accidentally jab her in the mouth, she will simply slow up to ensure her rider remains safe.

100% safe, steady and reliable, the type which requires you to put leg on without the calf ache, soft snaffle mouth, a simple kick to go, pull to stop type, ideal for someone learning or coming back into riding after a break! She does understand seat aids and can be ridden from your seat.

Happily jumps 60-70cm fences, will trot or canter over a small cross pole, never strong or silly into a fence. To hack Lola is as steady and reliable as they come, not phased by any traffic, happily walks down the main road on the end of the buckle, lorries, cars, cyclists and buses do not phase her. Text reduced, ask for full advert.

Price: £3,500

Location: Wickford Essex

Contact: Sammarie - T

Phone: 07508 572146

Email: s a m m a r i e 1 0 0 @ y a h o o . c o m