15.1hh Ride and Drive Mare

15.1hh 6 year old mare, ride and drive. She would make a good one for the drives, never gets silly or strong. She will stand when asked.

Lovely mare to work with, loves her job and knows it well. Bombproof on the roads, good to load, shoe, catch.

Price: £1,700 ono

Location: Huddersfield

Contact: Jake - T

Phone: 07468 893985

15.1hh Ride and Drive Mare

15.1hh Ride and Drive Mare

Tilly, 14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare

  • Tilly, 14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare
  • Tilly, 14.3hh Ride and Drive Mare

Tilly is a absolutely beautiful, mini Shire looking ride and drive mare. She stands approx 14.2-3hh at mo with a lot of growth yet to do. Shes only just turned 4 years old but a very sensible baby, old head on young shoulders!

Although she's recently broken in to ride she's riding away in walk, trot and canter, more of a kick along ride but if wanted she could be sharpened up easily I'm sure! She's seen some poles and done some pole work. She hacks alone or in company, first or last and very good with traffic given her age and education level but she still needs to see that little more as expected of a 4 year old!

All in all Tilly is a super stamp of a cob and an absolute angel to do, not a hot headed fizzy type. Very laid back in nature and attitude. She has been ridden by novice riders and looks after them wonderfully, just needs to go out and see the world a little more before I'd say she's suited to a novice home!

Price: £3,000 ono

Location: York

Contact: Nicole - T

Phone: 07931 805656

Email: n i c o l e . l e e s 1 9 9 3 @ o u t l o o k . c o m