13.2hh Riding Gelding

13.2hh rising 5 year old gelding. Quiet in all ways, he's ride and drive. Very easy to ride never bucked, reared, etc... Good mouth has been ridden around roads and on the fields, walk, trot and canter and has seen a pole. Not spooky or silly at all just needs a bit more bringing it but is very quiet, so will take nothing at all.

Lives out 24/7 with me but doesn't mind a stable. Good to catch, picks up all 4 feet good to handle, no bad habits quirks or vices. I haven't driven him myself but previous owner said he drives, all round easy and quiet pony. Make a great kids pony.

Same home all his life until me, full history known on the pony. Very sensible pony for someone, completely unspoilt ready for someone to put their own stamp on. Quiet enough for kids / novice type riders. Still a bit of growing in him. I have a couple off him being ridden from a week or so ago. WhatsApp or ring.

Price: £950 £750 - Sold

13.2hh Riding Gelding

13.2hh Riding Gelding

14.1hh Ride and Drive Mare

  • 14.1hh Ride and Drive Mare
  • 14.1hh Ride and Drive Mare

Bombproof ride and drive mare, 14.1hh 4 year old ride and drive trotting mare. I've mostly driven her, she's the easiest horse to drive and will jog at 5pmh or 25, not phased by any type of traffic or farm machinery.

She stands at junctions and for traffic to pass, isn't strong or silly at all. She's used to dogs, cows, sheep, etc... A child could ride or drive her no problem, she knows her job well.

She turns out in a mixed herd and lives in or out, she's perfect to catch, shoe, box, etc... No quirks, vices or bad habits. She'll make someone very happy, no messers or dreamers please, lovely mare, 5* home only. I have lots of videos, etc... of her. Update: Her riding has been coming on really well, she walks, trots, canters and pops a fence in the school, has seen all traffic and is bombproof to hack.

Price: £1,195 £1,190

Location: Dover Kent

Contact: Tiff

Phone: 07950 790145