Wanted: 15hh+ Riding Horse

Happy hacker, 15hh - 16hh, safe, confidence giving type, must be good in all traffic and farm machinery, hack out alone and in groups, good to clip, shoe, load and travel well in a trailer.

No youngsters or over 16 years old. Must have passport and microchipped. Based Hants, will travel within reason. Only sensible prices considered. Due to poor signal please text and I will get back to you.

Location: Hants

Contact: Chlo

Phone: 07892 406555

15hh+ Riding Horse

Wanted: 15hh + Riding Horse

  • 15hh + Riding Horse

Wanted, I am looking for a genuine, sound family friend. 15hh+ cob or MW type, 4 - 14 years old. Healthy & vice free, no sarcoids, lumps or bumps.

Must be backed but don't mind as green as grass to bring on so long as a quiet and easy nature. I do not want anything nervous, sharp or unhandled. Does not have to be a world beater but something who can enjoy a bit of everything, fun rides, hacking, a bit of riding club.

Budget around £3,000. Please wassap me details. Ideally within 2 hours of Wiltshire.

Location: Wiltshire

Contact: Chloe

Phone: 07519 586746