Kacy, 15.1hh Riding Mare

Kacy, 15.1hh between the age of 15-17yrs old, ride and drive mare. Very sweet nature and absolutely lovely on the ground however needs a lot of work riding so due to that she is not suitable for a novice. Has been known to rear and buck but never big enough to hurt anyone.

Very low mileage so would be perfect for someone confident and competent looking for a bit of a project and something to put their own stamp on. Despite needing a lot of work she is in my opinion one of the safest horses you could possibly ever hack out on, nothing phases her she won't bat an eye at tractors, bin lorries or even the formidable plastic bag blowing in the hedge. She never naps and never shy's from anything.

Was known to drive in her old home however has never done so since I've had her. Low four figures as loving home is very important to me as it's a sad sale. Please pm for more information.

Price: £2,800

Location: NP18, South Wales

Contact: Chloe Clarke

Phone: 07393 525040

Email: c l a r k e c c h l o e @ i c l o u d . c o m

Kacy, 15.1hh Riding Mare

Kacy, 15.1hh Riding Mare

14.2hh Ride and Drive Mare

  • 14.2hh Ride and Drive Mare
  • 14.2hh Ride and Drive Mare

Sapphire, 11 year old black and white classy mare. Ride and drive, good forward going mare.

She has lost some of her feather through the winter. Good to catch, shoe and box. Good for breeding.

Price: £4,000

Location: Merthyr Tydfil

Contact: Bill

Phone: 07504 685364