Ride and Drive Filly

Ride and drive spotted mare for sale, she is standing around 10.2/3hh and is rising 4 years old.

Not long broken, does still need work but going very well, never put a foot wrong.

She's chipped, passported and ready to go. Videos available of her riding and driving.

Price: £650

Location: Manchester

Contact: Shannon

Phone: 07708 701094

Ride and Drive Filly

Ride and Drive Filly

Skyrian Ride and Drive Stallion

  • Skyrian Ride and Drive Stallion
  • Skyrian Ride and Drive Stallion

6 year old Skyrian horse stallion, broken to ride and drive. Good to do in all ways. Just read up on theses rare endangered horses. The Skyrian horse is one of Europe's oldest breeds, existing almost exclusively on the Greek Island of Skyros for 2,000 years. Up until World War II they numbered in the thousands. Locals used them for agricultural purposes due to their incredible strength but loss of habitat and interbreeding have decimated their numbers and continue to threaten the existing population.

Fun facts you may not know about this. They stand just 3.2 to 3.6 feet tall. From a distance, the Skyrian horse could easily be mistaken for a larger horse. They share many of the same proportions of traditionally larger horses but are sometimes called Skyrian ponies due to their small stature.

They stand a mere 3.2 to 3.6 feet or 100 to 110 cm tall. Scientists believe that their tiny stature is an adaptation to the conditions of the secluded Greek island of Skyros.

Price: POA

Location: Fife

Contact: Billy - T

Phone: 07850 299488