Wanted: 15hh+ Pair of Driving Horses

Wanted, matching driving pair for commercial work. Preferably over 15hh. Must be fit and sensible.

Just starting business so not an enormous budget. Experienced horse owners.

Location: Torquay

Contact: Carolyn Jennette Chakori

Phone: 07455 816868
  07539 930570

Email: c a r o l y n c h a k o r i @ y a h o o . c o . u k

15hh+ Pair of Driving Horses

3 Year Old Filly

  • 3 Year Old Filly
  • 3 Year Old Filly

Ed's Girl, 14.2hh stepping filly. Her father is Ed Sheeran not sure about her mother. She is 3 year old around this time. This filly is 100% in the shafts a baby could drive her.

She's been turned away since about June time. Had a light set of shoes put on in August but has only been out three times. I just haven't got the time for her or room for her. She isn't in foal.

She is for sale not on sale, if I can't get what I want for her I'll keep her turned out. Nothing phases her got plenty of videos. Message me, no good ringing me as I'm in work all the time so won't be able to answer.

Price: £4,100 £3,900 ovno

Location: Somerset

Contact: Connor

Phone: 07562 728889