Missing Cavapoo from Alvediston Wiltshire

Cavapoo. She went missing last evening (31 Aug), likely stolen, very near Alvediston, south of Tisbury Wiltshire. Collar found nearby unclipped.

Date Missing: 31 August 2020. Finders fee.

Crime No.: 54200087507. Police Force: Wiltshire Police Contact: Steve 7265

Location: Alvediston

Contact: Edward Brown

Phone: 01722 781235
Mobile: 07970 518190

Email: e d w a r d . b r o w n @ q e b h w . c o . u k

Missing Cavapoo from Alvediston Wiltshire

Pair of Parrots

  • Pair of Parrots
  • Pair of Parrots

African grey parrot, talks, whistles and have a parrot green Amazon, amazing talker, makes a telephone noise, he whistles and talks.

Quick sale for the pair. Please call me for more information.

Both of them are 18 years of age, they can live up to 70 years of age, a lot of life left in them.

Price: £1,400

Location: Bishops Waltham Southampton

Contact: Really

Phone: 07379 595524