Pug bitch

Pug bitch, KC reg. Had 1 litter of 6, self whelped pups. She is 16 months old. Good mother. Real cobby type pug. Phone if interested.

Price: £1,000 £900

Location: Durham

Contact: S

Phone: 07465 608420

Pug bitch

Pug bitch

British Bulldog Bitch

  • British Bulldog Bitch
  • British Bulldog Bitch

Young bitch KC registered British Bulldog, red and white. Good with other dogs, quiet in kennel.

6 monthly bitch. Will live inside. Due in season in 16 weeks. Does not bite. Will have trade.

Price: £1,000 offers

Location: North East

Contact: Simon

Phone: 07598 199184