Lurcher Bitch

Lurcher bitch, young bitch, 16 months old. Been on the lamp a handful of times but done more in day ferreting. Very fast bitch with a good mouth.

Very sensible dog, sits and stays in fields, etc... 100% with all stock, will jump but prefers to go under. She's around 23 tts, Wheaton Whippet x Beddy Greyhound.

Genuine reason for selling, I was in a bad crash when lamping and just cutting down to one dog as just going to be out not so often. Text, no calls, thanks.

Price: £350 ovno - Sold

No longer for sale but thanks for interest

Lurcher Bitch

Lurcher Bitch

Wanted: Dog

Rabbit marking dog, must be guaranteed and trial given, any cross or breed.

Location: Cannock

Contact: Bridge

Phone: 07846 546834