Dog Kennels

Three dog kennels for sale, 16ft by 6ft with 6ft runs. 2 years old.

Each 1 has whelping boxes inside. Please no time wasters.

Price: £900 £550 ono - Sold

Dog Kennels

Dog Kennels

Australian Cattle Dog x

  • Australian Cattle Dog x
  • Australian Cattle Dog x

Australian cattle dog mix, 4 years old, former street dog, mistrustful of new people which is why he has failed 2 previous adoptions (bites). Will need gradual introduction to any new owners.

Very smart, very quick learner, food motivated, eager to please, crate trained. Has place guarding behaviour. Not good with cats or small furries. Ideally shouldn't live with young kids because he can be boisterous and nippy.

He will be good as a pet for an active family or as a working dog but will need to be trained. Needs a confident owner who wouldn't give up at the first hurdle and who can set rules and boundaries, and enforce them. He is with me as a private foster, living with our own two dogs and getting along fine.

Price: POA

Location: Ely, Cambs

Contact: Iva Mccartney

Phone: 07707 028181

Email: i v a m c c a r t n e y @ s k y . c o m