Stolen, Podenco Dog

Male Podenco, Spanish hunting dog, he was used for rabbits. We want to buy him back, cash paid, no questions.

He is now getting too old and he is more precious to us than any other exchange /money you can get. He belongs with the boating community, please help us to get him back.

Bigger than a Jack Russell, Whippet size. Date stolen: 8th October 2018

Price: stolen

Location: Watford

Contact: Ana

Phone: 07766 686790

Stolen, Podenco Dog

Stolen, Podenco Dog

Stolen, Podenco Dog

Lurcher Dog

  • Lurcher Dog
  • Lurcher Dog

First cross Bull Greyhound, 13 months old dog. Had a few rabbits, I haven't done much with him as been busy at work.

He's a lovely playful dog, shame to be left in all the time as he's a good dog.

Price: £400 ono

Location: Dudley

Contact: James

Phone: 07494 287113