Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Working Cocker Spaniel bitch, 4 years old, very good bitch. Had a litter of 9 pups 5 months ago. Selling due to no fault of her own. No withheld numbers please.

Price: £2,250 ovno - Sold

Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Butch, Lakeland Terrier x French Bulldog Dog

  • Butch, Lakeland Terrier x French Bulldog Dog

No fault of his own, he needs a new loving home preferably a single person with no children as he's a loving, protective dog. My dads become quiet ill and can't give him what he needs any more.

No good with other dogs. He's a Lakeland Terrier x French Bulldog. His mum is a Lakeland working bitch. Been jabbed, chipped and cut.

Butch has just turned one. This is a very hard decision from the family so each person will be reviewed.

Price: £150 ovno

Location: Portsmouth

Contact: Anita Chandler

Phone: 07852 146690

Email: a n i t a . c h a n d l e r 7 8 @ g m x . c o m