Stolen, Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Stolen, female golden Cocker. You stole not just a dog, but this was my mother's dog, my mother who has worked so hard all her life, a farmers wife, she had 6 children, her whole life she got up milked cows, made breakfast, got us ready for school, came home kept a house, cleaned sheds, made dinners, collected us, helped us with homework, milked cows again.

My dad worked two jobs, bless him. My mum, rain, hail, snow, she loved working. A few years ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure, that was the end of her farming life and, although it was hard work, she loved it. Being told you can't do what you have done all you're life was very hard for my mam, but there was one thing she still could do, that was looking after her dogs.

Her own bit of independence and self worth and you came up to our property and took that away from her, took her dog, her pride and joy. My mam is now in fear we will be targeted again, I want her dog back, to give my mam her peace of mind again, just bring her home, no questions asked. Date stolen: 1/7/20

Price: stolen

Location: Castlecomer Co Kilkenny Ireland

Contact: Joanne Coady

Phone: 08524 55060

Stolen, Cocker Spaniel Bitch

Stolen, Cocker Spaniel Bitch

King Charles Puppies

  • King Charles Puppies

Ruby King Charles pups, beautiful puppies. We own the mum and dad. Phone Patrick In Ireland for more details. DOB: 1st March

Price: £2,000 ono

Location: Galway

Contact: Patrick

Phone: 00353 876127076