Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can't I find my advert that was previously listed?

A. Advertisers are contacted by email after 10 weeks to see they still require their advert. If there is no reply after a week, the advert is put off line. Contact Dragon Driving and your advert can be reinstated.

Q. How soon after posting will my advert go on-line?

A. Adverts are manually checked before going live. This normally happens within a few minutes between 9:00am and 10:30pm. There can be a delay if we are busy elsewhere but adverts always go on-line within a few hours.

Q. What does a T mean by a advertisers name?

A. This advertiser is selling as part of their trade. This can be a dealer but also breeder, producer or selling something that has been used in their business. Buying from a trader gives the buyer more legal protection.

Q. How long are adverts marked New?

A. Adverts are marked 'New' for 7 days. Updated adverts are marked 'Updated' for 7 days. Adverts marked 'Sold' remain on the site for up to 14 days.

Q. How long will my advert remain on-line?

A. A single item advert remains on-line until you let us know you have sold. Multiple item and business adverts are renewable after a calendar month. Stallion at stud and carriage hire adverts are on-line for 1 year.

Q. Can I make changes to my advert once on-line?

A. Yes, just let us know any changes from your Advert Admin, by email or phone. If we consider a change significant enough we will bump the advert up the date order page.

Q. Why is my advert on the all carriages page when it is not a carriage?

A. Everything that is not a horse goes on the all carriages page as it is in date order and the other pages are not.

Q. I keep phoning but there is no answer, why is the phone not manned?

A. We work from home and sometimes we are not there so it is not answered and if we are answering another call it still sounds like it is ringing. We do not have an answer machine as we found that we were left messages but could not always identify the advert from the information. The best way to contact us from the Advert Admin link or by email.

Q. I've lost my reference, how do I amend my advert?

A. We can usually find adverts from the phone number on the advert so contact us and we'll try to help you.

Q. Can I write my own advert title?

A. Dragon Driving sets the advert title to be a short factual description of what is for sale. You are welcome to suggest a title but Dragon Driving has the final say in the title content.

Q. Can I have 2 images and a video link?

A. Yes, but you still need to purchase the 4 photo additional special adverts feature for the YouTube video link.

Q. I put an advert for a mare and foal and have sold just the foal, can I change my advert to just the mare?

A. No, if you place a single item advert and sell, keep or want to remove a part of the items for sale then the whole advert is marked sold and you need to readvertise the remaining parts. If you believe that you have exceptional circumstances then contact us by phone to discuss.

Q. How do I mark my advert as sold?

A. You can mark an advert sold from the Advert Admin link or contact us by email or phone and let us know which advert. We love to know if you have sold through your advert with us and welcome comments. If you prefer your advert to be deleted you will need to quote the advert reference.