Don't Fall For Scams

Dragon Driving will never contact you by phone to ask for your Credit Card details.

We do not recommend accepting payment via Paypal but if you do always check your account, do not rely on receiving an an email from Paypal.

If accepting PayPal please be aware of these PayPal Chargeback scams.

If you get a call supposedly from the RSPCA or similar it is likely to be a scammer, do not give them your address.

Never send money on to cover carriage, agents fees, commission, etc... even if you have been sent the money in advance.

Beware of Scam emails

We have been made aware of a number of scammers targeting people advertising on the Internet, if you receive one of their e-mails please beware.

The scam is known as the Over Payment Cheque Scam, this website explains it.

Although the e-mails vary there are certain pointers to look out for:-

  1. It is usually written in poor English.
  2. It asks for your best price and/or condition but not the usual is he good in traffic/ etc..
  3. It will inform you of their preferred payment method.
  4. They say that they have carriers lined up already.
  5. There is no phone number or address to contact them direct.
  6. They will send more money than you are asking for the item.

See some example emails - updated 25th January 2022

If it looks too good to be true it probably is.

If you would like to report the scammer you can do so by going to:

You can also report the emailer to their provider. Look up the address to forward to here:

Dragon Driving is always happy to advise if you are unsure, feel free to contact us and forward any suspect emails to us.


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