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Breeds of Horses

Brief description of the popular horse and pony breeds found in the UK

Breed titles are linked to the page where you will find examples of these horses for sale

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American Paint (1)

Conformational characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors. Valued for their temperament, versatility and athletic ability.

Andalusian (2)

Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza EspaƱola) as the Andalusian is correctly know is best known for it's dressage skills and film work but can make an excellent all rounder as they are a very intelligent and sensitive breed. Usually grey but any solid colour allowed. Height from 15hh up. A very proud, noble horse.


Theorised to be the oldest breed in the world. Arabians are famous for their stamina and make great endurance horses. Height ranges from 14hh to 15.3hh in chestnut, bay, grey, black and roan with a dished faced and broad forehead. A hot sensitive breed.


Heavy bones and strong and thick legs make the Ardennes horse suitable for draft work. Height ranges from 15hh to 16hh in bay, roan or chestnut. Surprising fast and nimble with tremendous stamina for a heavy horse.

Black Forest

A very rare breed genetically related to the Haflinger. Strong, sensible horses.

Boulonnais (1)

A draft horse breed known for its large but elegant appearance and is usually grey.


A draught breed from Brittany, often chestnut and strong and muscular, 15.1hh to 16hh.


Grey horse breed native to Camargue area, traditionally used for cattle work


A breed originally from Northern Iran, 9hh to 11.2hh, valued for their speed and ability to pull or carry heavy loads

Cleveland bay

The Cleveland Bay emanates from the Cleveland area of North East England. It is Britain's oldest breed of horse, 16hh to 16.2hh.

Clydesdale (2)

The Clydesdale was bred for heavy farm and industrial work. It is mainly now used for showing and pulling the larger carriages. It has a high stepping, showy action, which makes it an elegant heavy horse. They are normally 16hh and over.


The comtois is a French heavy horse that comes in varying shade of chestnut, 14.2hh to 16hh. They have a very kind nature and an ability to learn very quickly.

Connemara (4)

The Connemara pony originates from Ireland. A very versatile pony breed, ridden by children and adults in all activities. Height ranges from 12.2hh to 14.2hh. Known for their good temperament, hardiness and staying power with intelligence, soundness and surefootedness

Dales (1)

The Dales are hardy ponies, predominantly black in colour. A pony with good stamina and all round ability in riding and driving. Height ranges from 14hh to 14.2hh. They have an iron constitution, high courage and great intelligence, combined with a calm temperament.

Dartmoor (2)

The reliable, gentle and calm temperament of the Dartmoor pony make them an ideal children's pony. Height to not exceed 12.2hh with minimal white markings. A very good looking pony, sturdily built yet with quality. Not to be confused with the Dartmoor Hill Pony.



Britain's oldest native breed, 11.2hh to 12.3hh. Pony character, hard & strong with a mealy muzzle and no white markings.

Falabella (1)

The Falabella is a very rare Argentinian breed of miniature horse. The smallest horse breed, standing up to 7hh. Falabella horses can be ridden by very small children. They can also be used for carriage driving and in hand showing.

Fell (5)

Fell ponies truly shine in combined driving. With their small sizing, they are extremely nimble in the cross-country phase. The most common color is black. Height ranges from 12.2hh to 14hh.


A Norwegian breed in shades of dun and one of the world's oldest breed. Popular for its generally good temperament and used both as a harness horse and under saddle. 13.1hh to 14.3hh

Friesian (4)

The Friesian is a popular carriage horses and is an accomplished dressage horse. Only black horses can be registered. Height ranges from 14.3hh to 16hh

Gelderlander (2)

The Gelderland is a heavy warmblood horse. They tend to have high stepping action, particularly in trot. They make an excellent riding, driving and competition sports horse. Height ranges from 15hh to 16.2hh.

Hackney (9)

The Hackney pony and horse is an elegant high stepping carriage horse. They are popular for showing and in harness events. Hackneys possess good stamina, and are capable of trotting at high speed for extended periods of time. Height ranges Hackney Pony from 12hh to 14hh. Hackney Horses 14.2hh to 16.2hh.


The Haflinger is an all round horse for riding and driving. They are friendly, uncomplicated and willing. Standing between 13hh and 15hh



Highland ponies have a wonderful calm temperament and are easy to manage. Height up to 14.2hh.



Long lived and hardy with 2 unique gaits, 13hh to 14hh. Tend to be friendly, docile and easy to handle

Irish Draught (3)

The Irish Draught possesses a temperament of willingness, intelligence, docility and common sense. This makes them suitable for jumping, eventing, dressage, hunting and driving. Height ranges from 15.1hh to 16.3hh.

Kerry Bog Pony


Lipizzaner (1)

The Lipizzaner are compact and muscular, with very powerful hindquarters making them suitable for advnced dressage and carriage driving. Height ranges from 15.1hh to 16.3hh.


The Lusitano excels at classical dressage, as an athletic and talented jumper and a responsive driving horse. Height ranges from 15.1hh to 15.3hh.


French ride and drive horse, 14.1hh to 15.1hh, black.


New Forest (1)

New Forest ponies are versatile sport and family ponies. They are suitable for children and adults alike. Height up to 14.2hh.


A Hungarian breed, mainly black with little white. One of the heaviest warmblood driving horses, 15.1hh to 16.1hh.


The Oldenburg is a warmblood horse, an all purpose farm and carriage horse but currently mainly used for dressage and jumping. 16hh to 17.2hh


French draught horse usually grey or black, known for their intelligence and willingness to work. 15.1hh to 18.1hh.

Quarter horse

American breed that excels at sprinting short distances. 14hh to 16hh with stock type and the hunter or racing type

Rocky Mountain

Shetland (36)

The Shetland pony is hardy and resilient, they are very strong for their size. They are suitable as a child's riding pony or for carriage driving. Height up to 11hh.

Shire (7)

The Shire Horse is a draught horse with patientance and calmness. The Shire is used in agriculture, pulling larger carriages and for showing. Height range from 16.1hh to 17.3hh

Silesian warmblood

Heaviest of the Polish warmbloods from 15.1hh.


The Skyros breed generally stands between 9.1 and 11 hands (92 to 112 cm) high, and may be, bay, dun, brown or black. The small-bodied species of the Skyrian horse is one of the rarest horse breeds in the world.

Spanish Mustang

Standardbred (6)

Standardbreds are known for their docile personalities and willing temperaments. They are known for their ability to race in harness at a trot or pace. Height ranges from 14.2hh to 17hh+.

Suffolk Punch

Tennessee walking horse

14.3hh - 17hh, any colour, known for its unique four-beat running-walk and flashy movement. It is a good riding horse due to its calm disposition, smooth gaits and sure-footedness.

Thoroughbred (12)

The Thoroughbred is best known as a race horse, the breed is also used for show jumping & combined training due to its athleticism. Many retired, retrained race horses become fine family riding horses, dressage horses and show horses. Height ranges from 15.2hh to 17hh.

Welsh Section A (34)

The Welsh Section A also known as the Welsh Mountain pony. They make an ideal child's pony or driving pony. Height may not exceed 12hh.

Welsh Section B (3)

The Welsh Section B makes an excellent riding or show pony. Height may not exceed 13.2hh.

Welsh Section C (21)

The Welsh Section C or the Welsh Pony of cob type makes an excellent riding pony, driving pony or trekking pony. Height may not exceed 13.2hh.

Welsh Section D (33)

The Welsh Section D Pony, or Welsh Cob are intelligent, kind, brave and willing. The Welsh Cob is excellent for riding, driving, trekking and as a hunter. Height must be over 13.2hh.