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Missing: Ferret

  • Missing: Ferret
  • Missing: Ferret
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£100 reward! If someone has come home with a polecat ferret or talks about a new one, please on the off chance check if it's our missing one! This little guy is a much loved missing pet and we know he was picked up a few weeks ago by someone but he doesn't appear to have been handed in or anywhere notified yet.

He may have been gifted to someone or put in a rescue or even rehomed by now to someone completely unknowing he is missing! £100 cash reward no questions asked if he is returned safe and well! Distinguishing marks: he has a few tiny patches of white on a few of his front toes and some patches of white under chin/neck. Not chipped.

Originally he was picked up at Ancaster crossroads (between Grantham/Sleaford, Lincolnshire) by someone in a white van/truck (flat bed) with silver sides and an open back on Thursday 23rd March lunchtime. This person may not have social media to know we are even looking for him!

Price: Missing

Location: Grantham

Contact: Aj

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