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Breaking Horses to Ride and Breaking Horses to Drive

2 results found in Breaking and training and schooling services for riding and driving. Advertise your horse breaking and schooling services for only £6 per month.

Training and Breaking to Drive - New

  • Training and Breaking to Drive
  • Training and Breaking to Drive
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Training trotters and breaking horses. Have your pony or horse broken or trained to drive, miniatures to Shires, trotters, etc... Give your youngster the best start or give an older horse or pony a new fun job.

We have our own breaking in carts and harness unless you want to bring your own, it's up to you. This is not a rush job, they will be leaving our yard driving properly and you can drive them before you take them. We have now been doing this for years. Your horse will be driving through the heaviest of traffic, off road tracks, rivers, off the motor way bridges, etc... We have had horses in the family for donkeys years not just two minutes as you know if you know us.

Trotters and pacers, we also train trotters for racing or for getting fit for the drives. We break trotters and on the track horses are trained properly here at our yard the same thing as I said, if you know us you know they are done properly. We charge £130 a week to jog them, you pay for the shoes and we pay for food and you pay for the vitamins. They get clipped for free of charge if you want them clipped out, it's up to you. Ring any time for more information. We do horses all through the winter and summer. Call Jimmy.

Price: £125 per week

Location: London Essex

Contact: Jimmy Allen

Phone: 07438 162680