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Hundreds of horses for sale and ponies for sale. View adverts for carriage driving horses, riding horses, carriages, coloured cobs, harness, horseboxes. trailers, puppies, equestrian services and much more.

Sell a single item for only £6. Advertised until sold.
Dragon Driving is the place to buy and sell all things equestrian.

Some Sold Comments from the last few days

Sold, many thanks - Harness advert - 27/11/2015


Sold through dragon driving - Horse Advert - 26/11/2015

thank you Sold by Dragon Driving - Transport Advert - 26/11/2015

Sold with in 24hours - Horse Advert - 25/11/2015

Appreciate it, brilliant. Sold through Dragon Driving - Pet Advert - 25/11/2015

sold to a luvly man "enjoy ur float" - Carriage Advert - 24/11/2015

Thank you Dragon Driving - Carriage Advert - 24/11/2015

sold thankyou dd - Carriage Advert - 24/11/2015

sold in under 1 hour - Carriage Advert - 23/11/2015

Many thanks DD sold lots of interest - Transport Advert - 23/11/2015

Thank you Sold by DD - Horse Advert - 23/11/2015

Little freake has now been sold good luck to his new owner best small fast pony in uk - Horse Advert - 22/11/2015

Sold thanks - Transport Advert - 21/11/2015

now sold all the best to the new owner - Horse Advert - 21/11/2015

Now sold thanks to dragon driving - Horse Advert - 21/11/2015

Suitable home found - Horse Advert - 20/11/2015

Sold straight away thanks dd - Horse Advert - 20/11/2015

Sold in two hours thanks to DD - Carriage Advert - 20/11/2015

Another top boom proof cob sold from romford to jamsey talor good luck mate top cobs don't stay about long - Horse Advert - 19/11/2015

The missing horses have now been recovered - Horse Advert - 19/11/2015

sold it within 2 days of being advertised on dragon driving to the first person who saw the advert. - Harness advert - 19/11/2015

Sold within about 30mins, had about 25 calls. - Pet Advert - 18/11/2015

sold in 24 hours - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

Brilliant response, thoroughly recommend - Pet Advert - 18/11/2015

Sold within 10 mins, thanks - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

Sold thanks DD - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

Sold thanks DD - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

Sold thanks DD - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

Sold thanks DD - Horse Advert - 18/11/2015

cart seat sold thanks to dragon driving thanks - Miscellaneous advert - 18/11/2015

Sold through dragon many thanks - Carriage Advert - 18/11/2015

Another one sold. Good luck to the new owner he will b a top horse for you - Horse Advert - 17/11/2015

Thank you Sold by Dragon Driving - Horse Advert - 17/11/2015

Many thanks Sold by Dragon Driving - Horse Advert - 17/11/2015

Thanks for all your help, well appreciated. - Transport Advert - 17/11/2015

Many thanks Sold by Dragon Driving - Horse Advert - 17/11/2015

sold thanks to dragon driving advert. - Carriage Advert - 16/11/2015

Sold within hour thanks dd - Pet Advert - 15/11/2015

Sold to lovely new home thanx dragon driving - Horse Advert - 15/11/2015

Sold to a lovely home in Scotland through the Dragon Driving advert - Horse Advert - 15/11/2015

SOLD STRAIGHT AWAY THANKS TO DD :) - Horse Advert - 14/11/2015

Sold all the best to the new owner - Horse Advert - 14/11/2015

Thanks good service - Caravan Advert - 14/11/2015


Beware of Scammers

Beware of Scammers

Wednesday 4th November 2015

Beware, there appears to be a scammer who has recently been targeting Dragon Driving advertisers.


New Transport Pages

New Transport Pages

Saturday 20th June 2015

We have introduced 2 sub pages to the popular Horseboxes and Other Vehicles page. You can now view a page of only Horseboxes and Horse Trailers or a page of Transport Excluding Horseboxes.


Bow Tops

Bow Tops

Friday 5th June 2015

Appleby Fair is here again so here are some examples of the lovely living wagons currently advertised on Dragon Driving.




Tuesday 17th March 2015

Dragon Driving is not just for advertising driving horses, we also have a wide selection of riding horses including these lovely, elegant Thoroughbreds.


Mobile Website Improvements

Mobile Website Improvements

Friday 27th February 2015

We have improved the Dragon Driving website for mobile phone users. You can see the differences in these images. There is now less scrolling to get to the adverts and the pages will load quicker.


Andalusian Horses

Pure and partbred youngstock often for sale.

Made to Measure Harness

Synthetic and English leather harness from Plas Equestrian Harness.