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Carriages, Harness, Transport and Other Items - Wanted

39 results found in Wanted Equestrian Items, tack, harness, horseboxes, trailers, carriages, carriage driving items. Advertise for wanted equestrian items for only £6.

Wanted: Tipper Body

Ford Transit tipper body wanted, cash waiting, can collect.

Location: Gatwick

Contact: Rob

Phone: 07947 123194

Wanted: Wanted, Ben Hur Cart

Wanted, second hand Ben Hur cart. Must be in good condition to fit up to 16hh cob. Please call with details & price.

To Fit: 14.2hh to 16hh

Location: Tyne and Wear

Contact: Bernard

Phone: 07722 185027

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Spring

Wanted, front road spring for Hartland Pony Sport carriage, new or secondhand.

Location: Sevenoaks

Contact: Allan Crombie

Phone: 01732 462263
Mobile: 07746 596119

Wanted: Grazing, Sussex

Land wanted for grazing in the Sussex area for one horse ASAP, anything considered.

Location: Burgess Hill

Contact: John

Phone: 07554 690763

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Yard to Rent, Epsom

Wanted, yard or land to rent in or around Epsom, Surrey. For long term stay.

Must be allowed chalet or trailer if there is not one already. Please call me, thank you.

Location: Epsom

Contact: Tom

Phone: 07447 082973

Wanted: Pub Bar Counter, signs and Furniture

Reclaimed pub bar counter wanted, has to be in reasonable condition. Would be interested in any other pub furniture & pub signs.

Based in Essex but willing to travel anywhere in UK for the right one at a good price. Cash waiting and can pick up ASAP, many thanks, Nicholas.

Location: Essex

Contact: Nicholas

Phone: 07930 827694

Wanted: Help

Help wanted with trotting pony and trap. Please call Bill.

Location: New Mills, High Peak

Contact: Bill

Phone: 01663 744077

Wanted: Wheels for Reading Wagon

Wanted, a set of wooden living wagon wheels for Reading type wagon.

About 5ft ish for back wheels and 3 1/2 ft ish for the front wheels.

Location: Warrington

Contact: Barney and Tracy

Phone: 07519 509474

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Saluki Dog Puppy

Wanted white Saluki pup male, up to four months old, must be pure Saluki.

In the Surrey area or if willing to meet. Have got up to £250 to spend.

Location: Sutton

Contact: Chris

Phone: 07905 369592

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Yardman

Live on yardman wanted with no issues. Must be reliable and willing to work. Exchange for free rent and council tax. 4 hours per day work anything over that wages neg.

Location: Essex

Contact: Will

Phone: 07816 685790

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Yard Work, Essex

Wanted, long term stable yard or small holding work in Essex or surrounding area. 100% genuine, honest, hardworking male looking for yard work. Tidy, clean and private.

Own caravan and transport and extensive experience with horses and livestock. Stable work, maintenance, etc... in exchange for caravan pitch.

Currently running a private yard in Essex, references available on request.

Location: Essex

Contact: Danny

Phone: 07425 221465
Mobile: 07711 220017

Wanted: Equestrian Yard to Rent, Scotland

  • Equestrian Yard to Rent, Scotland

Want long term rent horse stables, arena, fields , house, cottage or caravan. Wanted to rent or lease. Might be looking for the impossible. Looking for a long term stable yard, premises equestrian property or static caravan to lease or rent.

I have acquired over 30 years of experience managing and running an established full equestrian business but due to recent unforeseen circumstances I am having to relocate. I'm searching around Central Scotland.

The yard must include min 13 or more stables, a ménage and grazing, any extras would be a bonus. I do not mind a location that needs work, tenant with superb references. Please email or phone. Flexible with the moving date.

Location: Scotland

Contact: Lou

Phone: 07455 367676

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Hartland Minisport

Wanted, Hartland Minisport (55cms wheels) for 38” Shetland pair.

Or if you have similar suitable for indoor trials then please contact me.

To Fit: 10hh

Location: Gloucester

Contact: Helen Gardner

Phone: 07582 968505

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Exercise Cart

Looking for a large 4 wheel cart with pneumatic wheels and brakes suitable for training and exercising my Clydesdales.

Not a problem if shafts are too narrow as can get new ones built. Please contact me if you have anything suitable available.

To Fit: 15hh to >18.3hh

Location: South Lanarkshire

Contact: Bryan

Phone: 07495 527394

Wanted: Exercise Cart

Looking for an exercise cart or small carriage to fit a 10.2hh Shetland cross.

I am happy to paint it, etc... Needs to be in Sussex or Kent.

To Fit: 10hh to 10.2hh

Location: East Sussex

Contact: Jo Finch

Phone: 07933 793916

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Bennington MultiSport

Wanted a Bennington MultiSport or similar four wheeler.

A carriage to do pleasure and low level competitions with extending axle, bench and central driver seat and two seats for groom.

To fit single cob 14hh and to have shafts and pair pole to drive as pair. With brakes. Near Oxfordshire if possible. Up to around £3000.

To Fit: 14.1hh to 13.3hh

Location: Oxfordshire

Contact: Louise Anderson

Phone: 07927 466057

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Grazing

Grazing land wanted for cattle and horses, any area. Cash paid. From 5 acres to 50 acres wanted.

Location: Any Area

Contact: Tom

Phone: 01268 728611
Mobile: 07977 690655

Wanted: Viceroy Shafts

Wanted, pair of shafts to fit Hackney pony Viceroy. Would prefer set complete with fittings.

Location: Knott End

Contact: Graham Henson

Phone: 07885 519770

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Harness

Wanted, harness to fit a 13hh Section C. In good condition with no missing bits!

Location: West Sussex

Contact: Pauline Turner

Phone: 07721 411712

Wanted: Land, Basingstoke

Looking for half an acre to 1 acre of land within 30 miles of Basingstoke.

Location: Basingstoke

Contact: James

Phone: 07947 333101

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Yard, East Anglia

Yard, land with buildings wanted to rent or private purchase. Norfolk or Suffolk preferred but anywhere considered.

Location: Norfolk

Contact: Gordon Perkis

Phone: 07970 686435

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Bennington Spirit

Wanted, Bennington Spirit to fit 13hh pony. Cash waiting. Contact Kerry Westall.

To Fit: 13hh to 13.2hh

Location: Leicestershire

Contact: Kerry Westall

Phone: 07588 840323

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Grazing, Essex

Wanted grazing land for sale in Essex or east Hertfordshire, at least 4 acres pref with stables. No silly prices but money waiting. If not for sale to rent long term.

Location: Essex

Contact: Lucy Hannington

Phone: 07490 182022

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Grazing to Rent, Newmarket

  • Grazing to Rent, Newmarket

Wanted to rent. Rent long term, view to buy. 5-10 miles radius of Newmarket as just moved to area. 2-5 acres of grazing for my horses.

Interested in land and stables, will look at all options, anything needs doing up as not afraid of hard work.

Plenty of references available. Thank you for reading, please call any time.

Location: Newmarket

Contact: Heidi

Phone: 07956 152731

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Land, Lamberhurst, Kent

Land wanted in Lamberhurst, Kent area only. No planning permission, refused planning permission, no access, land locked, anything considered.

Immediate decision. Cash waiting, bank transfer asap. Please call on Steven, if missed please leave a message or call back no withhelds or time wasters.

Location: Lamberhurst Kent

Contact: Steven

Phone: 07900 456096

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Grazing Land

Wanted, 1 acre to 3 acres, any land considered for grazing to buy or rent. Brynmawr or 14 miles radius

Wanted for grazing only not to build on. Cash buyer. Will also look at other areas.

Location: Brynmawr, South Wales

Contact: Loraine

Phone: 01495 311591
Mobile: 07415 316237

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Lurcher

Lurcher wanted, Collie, Bull, Greyhound, preferably male and 6 to 18 months old.

Good price paid for the right dog.

Location: Shropshire

Contact: Sandra

Phone: 07516 396467

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Irish Open Top Collar

  • Irish Open Top Collar
  • Irish Open Top Collar

Wanted, Irish open top collar, preferably Sam Grears or Pattersons. Same as in photos.

Any condition considered. No private or withheld numbers please.

Location: Chesterfield

Contact: Christo

Phone: 07531 255958

Wanted: Mercedes 123 Series

  • Mercedes 123 Series
  • Mercedes 123 Series

Wanted, Mercedes 123 Series 300 diesel automatic saloon. Must be in good condition, similar to car in pictures required.

Contact Martin, if no reply please send a text.

Location: Nutts Corner

Contact: Martin Cadam

Phone: 07801 521889
Mobile: 07736 160889

Email:Email Address

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Wanted: American Road Cart

  • American Road Cart

Wanted American road cart. Must be tidy.

No texts

Location: Ludlow

Contact: Jade

Phone: 07583 071053

Wanted: 5 acres in West or North Yorkshire

Wanted 5 acres plus for agricultural heavy horse business. Long term rent or to buy West or North Yorkshire area.

Everything considered.

Location: Yorkshire

Contact: Kevin Winn

Phone: 07753 501325
Mobile: 07753 501325

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Top Mark Pair Harness

Wanted, Top Mark pair harness, full size, black. Must be as new condition. Price to be agreed.

Still looking, pls get in touch if you have a perfect set. Thank you.

Location: Epney

Contact: Kate

Phone: 07950 210789

Email:Email Address

Wanted: West Highland Terrier

Wanted West Highland Terrier. Wanted. We are looking for a female West Highland girl to join our family. A puppy is ok we don't mind an older girl up about 5 years old.

Please call us with full details, many thanks, anytime.

Would also accept a Jack Russell or any Terrier type, thanks.

Location: Norfolk / Suffolk

Contact: Charlie Guy - T

Phone: 07801 163027

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Hearse

Wanted, hearse for restoration, any condition, horse drawn or vehicle.

Location: Lancashire

Contact: Peter - T

Phone: 07774 271112

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Dray

Wanted, flat 4 wheeled dray / wagon for a full size horse, Shire, Clydesdale, etc... For a project.

Need something in reasonable condition, steel tyred wheels. Don't mind some restoration but no basket cases please.

Let me know what you have got, will travel and pay cash. Still looking, will travel.

To Fit: 16hh to 18hh

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Farm Wagon

Looking for a full size 4 wheeled farm wagon on iron tyres, not sprung, to suit a heavy horse. Anything considered, don't mind work, including wheels but not total basket cases, seen too many of those lately.

Or a full size Dray, sprung, on iron tyres, ex brewers, bottle, market, etc... again work needed not a problem.

Serious buyer, will travel to view. Will pay a finders fee for any information leading to a purchase. Still looking so please get in touch.

To Fit: 17hh to >18.3hh

Location: Nantwich

Contact: Mike Huddart

Phone: 01270 811427

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 4 Iron Tyres

  • 4 Iron Tyres
  • 4 Iron Tyres

Wanted iron tyre rims. Four 36 inch wooden wagon cart wheel iron tyres wanted.

Possibly hay wagon. The type I had in mind are shown in photos.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email:Email Address

Wanted: 4 Iron Tyres

  • 4 Iron Tyres
  • 4 Iron Tyres

Wanted iron tyre rims. Four 48 inch wooden wagon cart wheel iron tyres wanted.

Possibly hay wagon. The type I had in mind are shown in photos.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email:Email Address

Wanted: Wagon Restoration

  • Wagon Restoration
  • Wagon Restoration

Wooden hay wagon restoration. Old four wheel wagon wanted for restoration, hay wagon or flat bed possibly, as in photos.

Please send photos along with the price. Please email rather than phone.

Location: Darlington

Contact: Robert Coster

Phone: 01833 660033

Email:Email Address